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Do you really need a Planner/Co Ordinator for your Big Day?

A Planner does just that: we plan! As Planners we guide our clients through the entire process of pulling off a successful wedding, from selecting a venue right up until the final tear down. Coordinators are useful if you have already hired all the vendors and are looking for someone to execute on the wedding day. As Planners, we have cultivated relationships with our vendors and are able to offer better prices & services than you would receive on your own. Based on our experience, hiring a Planner vs coordinator will save you money since you would end up hiring the Right Vendor at the Right price without getting cheated in the process!

Do you want to feel stressed out and exhausted on the Big Day and wait for the event to get over? If your answer is Yes, obviously you don’t need a planner/Co -ordinator!

In olden days weddings were successfully done without any planner/Co-ordinator. Family used to arrive to the Bride and groom’s house a couple of weeks ahead of time and take part in all the planning and help the family with each and every aspect. Each member was assigned their tasks on the day of the event.

Times have changed, perspectives have become different. Everyone is busy with their life. Everyone loves to attend an Event, arrive a day before the event and thoroughly enjoy each and every occasion, take tons of pictures and videos on their phones, share it in their social circles and social media, chit chat with the guests and have Fun!

Events are Time bound, everything has to happen ON TIME. No more 5 day and 7 day weddings! At the max we have a 2 or 3 day wedding at a venue that’s not our home and we pay for it! This is not your 6th or 7th child where you have gained expertise in planning and executing your wedding

If you really want to enjoy the event and cherish every moment and save MONEY by making the right choices starting from the Venue selection to each and every Vendor, talk to planners out there and do your homework!


Why us?

Subham Events was born out of a Passion to serve the Wedding community! We specialize in Indian and Indo-fusion weddings (Cross cultural weddings are gaining wide popularity these days. (The day where Asians, Americans, Europeans, Mexicans, Jewish etc., become relatives is not very far😊)

Subham events has a team who understand the culture really well. So unlike other wedding planners we get involved in every aspect of the wedding. Most of the clients come back and tell us that we were a part of their family and still maintain contact with us since they really would have felt that we have become a part of their family. With each client we work anywhere from 2 months to 10 months.

We not only get involved in their planning but also give them tons of ideas about where and how to shop, what to shop, jewelry, apparel, what kind of return favors they can give their guests for them to remember for a long time.

Food and décor are two important things people will remember in any event. So we make sure we go for tasting before we refer any new Caterer to our clients. We also give tons of suggestions to the menu to make it more special. We also closely work with our decorators and clients to make sure the best décor comes out.

So far, most of our business has been generated through word of mouth. One wedding is leading to the next!

Have the following questions in mind when you talk to a prospective Planner/Co-Ordinator

  • Try to hire someone who understands your culture so that they can guide you in each and every aspect.
  • Experience does matter. You don’t want to hire someone who is going to learn from your wedding, although more experience doesn’t always mean more efficiency! Quantity is not always directly proportional to Quality!
  • Ask for testimonials, do reference checks. Do not get fooled by online ratings all the time

Planner vs Co-ordinator

The next question that comes – should we go for a Planner or a Co-ordinator.

Lets explain the difference. A planner is someone who will guide you through the entire process of putting all the things together starting from Venue selection process till the execution day. A Co-ordinator is someone who will assist you a few weeks before the Event date after you have decided the venue, hired all the vendors and will co-ordinate the execution process on the day. There is a MIS CONCEPTION that you will save money by hiring a Co-ordinator vs a planner. You will actually end up saving money and get better quality by hiring a planner vs a Co-ordinator. The extra money you spend for their services will be 10 times worth their services! Moreover, vendors referred by the planners always give a better price and better services as they need more referrals from the same Planner!

When is the Right time to hire a Planner!

RIGHT NOW! The moment you have your DATE ready! YES, choices of priest and venue also make a huge difference so why not hire the right planner who can guide you through the entire process. We have had many clients who have expressed that we wish we could have hired you earlier!

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